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A “Poor Man’s Umbrella” plant on the trail to Barva Volcano
Costa Rican White-tailed Deer

Among the chief highlights of visiting Costa Rica is a deep dive into its protected nature areas, to witness their stunning biodiversity and support the country’s pioneering conservation efforts. While staying at Finca Rosa Blanca, guests get plenty of opportunities for full immersion into nature.

The star among the nearby natural attractions is Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of Costa Rica’s most extensive parks, encompassing no less than seven diverse habitats with a dizzying diversity of plant and wildlife. Just north of San Jose, a short drive from Finca Rosa Blanca, it showcases rugged mountains, lush primeval forests, two dormant volcanoes, deep canyons, gorgeous waterfalls, meandering rivers and a splendid cloud forest – a true nature lovers’ delight. The 118,000-acre park (84 percent of which is primary forest) extends from 9530 feet above sea level atop Barva Volcano down to 118 feet at La Selva in the Caribbean lowlands.

This superb park is home to more than 500 species of birds, including the magnificent quetzal, and 6000 species of plants, such as the fast disappearing palmito and tepezcuintle trees. It also features over 135 species of animals, such as guans, jaguars, tapirs, monkeys and South America’s largest venomous snake, the bushmaster. Finca Rosa Blanca has a close relationship with the national park and offers fantastic guided tours of its many highlights, including the various lagoons of the crater.

Another popular tour from Finca Rosa Blanca is a float on the Tárcoles River, to experience the biodiversity of the Pacific coast mangroves and catch sight of the rare scarlet macaws, mangrove hummingbirds, American pygmy kingfisher and Jesus Christ lizards. Just 15 minutes away is Carara National Park, so it’s great to combine the river float with a visit to Carara, which is known to have ten of the most uncommon and rare hardwoods in the country, often covered with vines and epiphytes. From the Rio Tárcoles Bridge you can not only catch fantastic views of the park, but you can also spot crocodiles and scarlet macaws.

Also great to visit nearby is Tirimbina Biological Reserve, with a variety of trails that have you crossing suspension bridges over the rushing Sarapiqui River and discovering the rainforest at your own pace. This mid-elevation rainforest reserve has an impressive abundance of wildlife, from two-toed sloths to spider monkeys, anteaters and countless exotic birds.

At Finca Rosa Blanca and the area around it, you get to experience nature first-hand – raw, wild and pure.


Find your fitness ‘Pura Vida’ in Costa Rica

chefpreparing_square_smallJoin Michele Shorter, founder and owner of The Shorter Approach for a week-long experience in Costa Rica which will include goal-setting, cardio and strength training, and nutrition planning mixed with a myriad of activities at Finca Rosa Blanca; coffee plantation tours, cooking demos and tasting menus, hikes up a nearby volcano and through the Cloud forest, and salsa dancing with locals every day.  The week will be shared between the coffee growing highlands of Costa Rica to the beaches of Arenas Del Mar in Manuel Antonio.

Here at Finca Rosa Blanca, you will get flexible, strong, and energized, set goals and create a focused plan while enjoying:

  • Early morning yoga with the birds.
  • Salsa lessons with Diego our dance instructor who has the most captivating Latin moves.
  • Hike to the Volcano and find the foot prints of a jaguar and a quetzal nesting far above in the Cloud forest.
  • A tour of the organic coffee plantation at Finca Rosa Blanca and a class on Cupping Coffee.
  • Wildlife and Bird-watching with our resident Wildlife Guide.
  • Cooking demonstrations with Chef Gustavo using the fresh local and seasonal ingredients of Costa Rica.

On your first day experiencing the wonders of Finca Rosa Blanca,  we will share with you our  chef Gustavo who will prepare an artesanal salad, with organic ingredients from the Finca Rosa Blanca Farm and Greenhouse.  You will help harvest the ingredients and then watch and learn as the chef prepares your salad at a Cooking Demo in our main dining room  He will prepare his renowned Citrus salad, with organic field greens, fresh herbs, and three different citrus fruit from our gardens and orchards, red onion, crispy garlic croutons, fried leeks, and passion fruit dressing.

Space is limited. People may register or learn more by contacting GreenSpot’s Costa Rica travel expert Irene Edwards at irene@greenspottravel.org

 The Shorter Approach is based on 18 years of training clients from all fitness levels and backgrounds. Through The Shorter Approach, Michele delivers proven expertise, guidance and support to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals, nourish yourself and live the life you want.

_EQF9789 For more information, visit www.theshorterapproach.com.


Yigüirros Singing a Melodious Song at El Tigre Vestido

The Yigüirro is Costa Rica’s National bird, not for its feathered beauty, as it is rather plain compared to the many flamboyant tropical birds that thrive in the country, but for its lovely song which heralds the beginning of the rainy season after a long dry spell.  The Turdus grayi, or the Clay-colored Thrush is commonly thought to be “calling in the rain” approximately 6-7 weeks before the change of season and is almost always an accurate portent.

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