Find your fitness ‘Pura Vida’ in Costa Rica

chefpreparing_square_smallJoin Michele Shorter, founder and owner of The Shorter Approach for a week-long experience in Costa Rica which will include goal-setting, cardio and strength training, and nutrition planning mixed with a myriad of activities at Finca Rosa Blanca; coffee plantation tours, cooking demos and tasting menus, hikes up a nearby volcano and through the Cloud forest, and salsa dancing with locals every day.  The week will be shared between the coffee growing highlands of Costa Rica to the beaches of Arenas Del Mar in Manuel Antonio.

Here at Finca Rosa Blanca, you will get flexible, strong, and energized, set goals and create a focused plan while enjoying:

  • Early morning yoga with the birds.
  • Salsa lessons with Diego our dance instructor who has the most captivating Latin moves.
  • Hike to the Volcano and find the foot prints of a jaguar and a quetzal nesting far above in the Cloud forest.
  • A tour of the organic coffee plantation at Finca Rosa Blanca and a class on Cupping Coffee.
  • Wildlife and Bird-watching with our resident Wildlife Guide.
  • Cooking demonstrations with Chef Gustavo using the fresh local and seasonal ingredients of Costa Rica.

On your first day experiencing the wonders of Finca Rosa Blanca,  we will share with you our  chef Gustavo who will prepare an artesanal salad, with organic ingredients from the Finca Rosa Blanca Farm and Greenhouse.  You will help harvest the ingredients and then watch and learn as the chef prepares your salad at a Cooking Demo in our main dining room  He will prepare his renowned Citrus salad, with organic field greens, fresh herbs, and three different citrus fruit from our gardens and orchards, red onion, crispy garlic croutons, fried leeks, and passion fruit dressing.

Space is limited. People may register or learn more by contacting GreenSpot’s Costa Rica travel expert Irene Edwards at

 The Shorter Approach is based on 18 years of training clients from all fitness levels and backgrounds. Through The Shorter Approach, Michele delivers proven expertise, guidance and support to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals, nourish yourself and live the life you want.

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Tis the season to pick coffee in Costa Rica and in our own Rosa Blanca Organic Coffee Plantation

One can find coffee baskets full of red cherries by the side of coffee farms around the hills of the Central Valley.  The pickers start early in the morning and wind their way down the rows of verdant coffee only plucking the bright red cherries from the bushes.  Costa Rica is the only country in the coffee-growing world where all the coffee must be picked by hand.  When the day ends, the pickers find their way to the weighing stations, where their cherries fill the metal container “half a fanega/50 lb.) that measures the amount they have picked that day.

The beans are soaked to loosen the fruit around the beans and then put through a chanqueadora, a crushing or peeling machine which removes the skin and fruit from the coffee beans.  There are usually two coffee seeds inside and these come apart in the machine.  Now the seeds are fermented overnight in water and then drained and spread to dry in the sun on parijuelas, hammocks made of mesh that allows the air to dry the beans from below.

The pickers will pick the same coffee bushes 3 times over during the harvest season which last approximately 3 months and starts depending upon the weather conditions around October and ends sometime in January.   Our neighbors and friends love to join us during this season on their time off and the school children will help when their summer vacation begins.  We invite you our guests to join in with us in harvesting our coffee or take our famous Coffee Tour and encounter our pickers in the fields.  If you would like to pitch in and pluck some coffee cherries with our crew, please just let us know and we will suit you up with a picking basket and a hat to keep the sun off. 

Picking organic coffee at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation
Picking organic coffee at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation

Coffee Harvest at Finca Rosa Blanca

Picking organic coffee at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation
Picking organic coffee at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation

The coffee is ripening on  our plantation and the local pickers are moving among the coffee bushes selecting the reddest and ripest of the coffee cherries. These bright red berries are dropped into their handwoven baskets which are tied around their waists to make it easier to pick and to help them fill the containers quickly  to the rim.  Our guests and coffee tour participants are invited to pick with the workers to appreciate the hard work which goes into every cup of coffee they consume in their daily lives.


Peaberries at Finca Rosa Blanca

The word Peaberry, we call it “caracolillo” or also known as”caracoli”  is type of mutation of the coffee bean inside its husk, which is generally due to the lack of fertilization generating only one rounded hard bean as opposed to the “twins” that you might normally see in almost all the coffee cherry development.The peaberry, which is named so because it looks like a small pea, as opposed to the normal bean which is comprised of two hemispheres with one side being relatively flat and with a vertical line down the center,  normally occurs in about 2-5% of the coffee crop is touted and often associated with Tanzania, Hawaii and Columbia