Oscar paints Barva Volcano in El Cielo

Oscar paints El Cielo

Our good friend and fabulous artist, and muralist, Oscar Salazar, is once again adding beauty and personality to the walls of Finca Rosa Blanca.  We asked him to paint a mural on a wall of the veranda outside of the newest room at the hotel, the lovely El Cielo Master Suite.  The views from the suite windows and deck are of the surrounding coffee plantations and the Central Valley of Costa
Rica, so he decided to paint what could be seen, if you had x-ray vision through the wall, north to our closest national park and Barva Volcano.

oscar el cielo

Oscar has been painting murals inside and outside at Finca Rosa Blanca for over 20 years and he is part of our extended family of friends who join us periodically, bringing art and beauty to share with our guests.  Oscar has painted waterfalls and coffee plantations, jaguars, dantas and exotic tropical birds, church steeples and small towns filled with adobe houses, our neighbors picking coffee and our favorite towering trees filled with orchids and winding vines.

We invite you to come and visit every mural Oscar has painted for us over the years!  Oscar would love it!!!

Oscar painting El Cielo


Life Begins in the Slow Lane

I think the most common question we get at Finca Rosa Blanca is how did we get here and what moved us to create our little resort. I always find myself eagerly telling the story I love so much,  which is my first encounter with Costa Rica in 1984. My wife and partner, Teri and I decided to travel to Central America, where we were told by those who knew and those who had dreamed that there were oceans as warm as a bathtub, trees stuffed with monkeys, sloths and  tropical birds and where the time would float by at its own lazy and prolonged pace, allowing  one to immerse himself in the incredible visuals and soulful songs sung by the plethora of fauna that occupies the most bio-diverse nucleus on the planet.

Beautiful Costa Rica: Looking from our balcony at Finca Rosa Blanca toward the Central Valley and coffee farms below.









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