The Birdsongs of Rosa Blanca


Walking in the Coffee Farm this beautiful sunny morning with Glenn and the dogs, we heard the clay-colored thrush, the gray-necked wood-rail and the melodious blackbird singing, squacking and trilling in the canopy above us.  It is the season when the almost daily rain showers are causing everything to burst forth in green and in song in our coffee farm and at the hotel.  We are surrounded by towering Higueron Trees, Porro and Senna trees and the tropical exuberance of the gardens and farm where more than 125 species of birds have been spotted.  We sit on the deck of the restaurant terrace and are privy to the flights of fancy of swallows, hawks, parakeets and motmots.  This morning I heard Glenn actually complain that the melodious songs of the national bird of Costa Rica, a nondescript thrush, had pulled him out of a vivid dream to awaken with the dawn.  But what a way to be awakened!


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