Ulises is our Super Coffee Tour Guide and Cupper

Ulises, our Expert Coffee Guide
Ulises, Coffee Guide

Ulises Valdez Zuñiga was born on November 21, 1990 and has 7 brothers and sisters.  He  lives just down the road from Finca Rosa Blanca in Barrio Jesus  of Sta. Barbara de Heredia.  Ulises has become an expert in all things coffee; he knows the plants, trees and wildlife of our tree-shaded coffee plantation better than he knows his seven siblings!   He guides our guests from the coffee roasting house, through the plantation to the processing and drying areas and back to the hotel to participate in a coffee cupping nearly every day, rain or shine.

Ulises shared his experiences with the wildlife of the farm, from paraqueets and parrots, oropendulas and humming birds of all sizes to porcupines, racoons, armadillos, opossums and even deer.  The effort we have put into creating a shade grown, organic coffee farm has attracted animals, birds and reptiles to the farm in the hundreds.

Today as Ulises was guiding a group of students through the farm they encountered a Costa Rican white-tailed deer grazing happily among the coffee trees.  Because the coffee is organic, the grasses and weeds grow between the rows of plants and provide sustenance for wild animals.  We have two small rivers which flow through the farm and are protected by  more than 30 meters of native trees and shrubs offering shelter and water to deer and other mammals as well as the myriad of bird life.  We are anxious to hear more tales of wildlife encountered in the lush and bountiful coffee plantation!



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