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Since 1985, when we began our project at Finca Rosa Blanca, we have always had several important goals in mind: to leave the minimum possible trace of our existence and to be as eco friendly and sustainable as a small eco hotel could. Since the beginning of our adventure on our organic coffee plantation and hotel, we have concentrated on an ambitious plan of recycling and regeneration, social consciousness and education.

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, the first certified sustainable hotel in Costa Rica, has evolved over the last 20 years to become the highest ranking member of the prestigious Sustainable Tourism Certification program (CST) and the only hotel that has achieved a perfect score of 100%. The CST, regarded as the strictest and most demanding program in the world for verifying the sustainability of hotels, eco resorts and tour operators, awards from one to five “green leaves” to those entities which participate in the program. As of the end of 2010, there are approximately 210 hotels and 15 tour operators which are certified by the CST.

The Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort seeks to demonstrate that sustainability can be incorporated into an upscale luxury boutique hotel setting by combining elements of environmental conservation, education, training, luxury, community development and innovative building techniques.


Best Practices and Sustainable Development

At Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, sustainability has been a key feature since the planning and construction phase. A few of the sustainable features of the physical property and operation itself include:

  • Solar panels to heat water coupled with energy saving auxiliary on demand heating systems
  • Underground electrical systems that do not interfere with surrounding wildlife or endanger the coffee workers
  • Our own organic shade grown certified coffee in menu offerings, to share with the guests and spa treatments
  • Recycling of the coffee “pulp” to be used as fertilizer
  • Copper/Silver Ionization system to clean swimming pool water
  • 1 gallon flush toilets are used throughout the inn
  • Recycled materials throughout the grounds such as roof tiles and waste receptacles
  • Philanthropic donation programs to help the schools and our community
  • All of our employees are from the local area so we can “recycle” our earnings back into our community
  • Education of our employees, guests and neighbors about good practices
  • An advanced vermiculture-based (worm beds) compost system to recycle organic waste
  • A greenhouse where organic vegetables and herbs are grown for our restaurant. The soil comes from composted material prepared in our recycling area.
  • High quality fare served with fresh and local ingredients and many Costa Rican recipes

Because of these our efforts in sustainable best practices, we have been awarded the maximum five green leaves from the Costa Rican Tourist Board for our compliance with the CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism), a new program to encourage Ecological and Sustainable Tourism in this country.
We are proud that we have obtained a 100+% ranking and the highest score of all participating hotels in Costa Rica.


Community and Education

Finca Rosa Blanca donates in-kind services and funds to the schools of the area for recycling centers, gardens and environmental education and special projects such as the Blue Flag Ecological Program. The hotel supports the local children’s Food Bank “Comedor de Niños” providing the food which is prepared by volunteers and consumed by 75 under-privileged children and seniors in the community. We have hired a nutritionist who prepared a daily menu for the Food Bank and our chef has helped to train the staff in sustainable practices in the kitchen. We donate the wealth of produce from our farm and gardens to the Food Bank and have begun a hydroponics program with them and the schools to encourage growing their own produce.

Rosa Blanca has also sponsored seminars by environmental experts for their employees, the teachers and the children, to educate them about the need for recycling and other good environmental habits. We have sponsored and organized community Health Fairs, Environmental Fairs, monthly Recycling Programs in the community parks, Annual Street and River Cleaning Programs, Art Competitions using recycled materials in the schools, and Reforestation in the community.
We have fomented the program called Blue Ecological Flag (BAE) in our community, our farms and our hotel, a program in Costa Rica in conjunction with the Department of Water and Energy which certifies the hygiene, the cleanliness, and the protection of the environment in beaches, small towns and communities, hotels and schools. The result of our participation in the community using the methodology of the Certification for Sustainable tourism (CST), has resulted in our community, the elementary schools, as well as our hotel and coffee farm earning the top score in this coveted Blue Ecological Flag.

Finca Rosa Blanca is proud to be collaborating with the Earth Equilibrium Foundation’s project “Building for the Future”.  We are working with the Escuela Juan Mora Fernández, the primary school in Santa Barbara de Heredia where all of the children in our community and many of our employees’ children attend classes.  We have provided many books for the library and created a recycling center which the children run as well as many art projects to promote recycling and good environmental practices.



Our Sustainable Coffee:

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn has 30 acres of hard bean coffee which is certified organic by the Rain Forest Alliance, an international organization called BCS OKO Garantie and is certified sustainable by ICAFE, the Costa Rican National Organization for Coffee. We have planted over 5,000 native trees on our plantations producing shade for our organic coffee and with the help of the environmental protection agency (MINAET) and local school children. We have also created biological corridors for the birds and animals of the area.
We use no agrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on the farm preferring to apply the natural compost from our vermiculture (worm beds) and composting at the hotel and to use the natural enemies of the fungi and pests which can plague coffee.

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 Reducing our Carbon Footprint:


"We stayed at both lower-cost and higher-cost ecolodges and it was fascinating to me to see how four very different five leaf ecolodges interpret the concept of sustainability. FRB is one of two higher-end places we chose and it was worth every penny of saving up (and it is, I think, the only one with a perfect eco score). Finally, ecolodges in general offered us an intimate interaction with the people, flora and fauna of this beautiful country and it felt empowering to leave it with minimal impact. Maybe a grandchild will come visit someday and experience it the way we did"

- Gale M
May 2013


















"Everything was excellent! Thank you so much for your hospitality and commitment to environmental conservation!"

- Michael & Maureen Zorell


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