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The richness of Costa Rica stems from the cultural diversity of its people. Throughout its history, waves of immigrants have added to the pre-Hispanic native populations, settling on this land and making it their home. Costa Ricans are proud to have had more than a century of democratic tradition and more than 50 years without a military. Costa Ricans, also known as “Ticos,” are famous for being very hospitable people and the Ticos of the Central Highlands are especially so! We invite you to meet the community, where we work with the schools, senior centers and Children’s Food Banks and clubs.

The surrounding towns are filled with Costa Rican arts and crafts, the oxencart painters, the traditional puppet makers and the Spanish Colonial or adobe style architecture of the buildings. The Coffee farms and plantations have contributed to a culture of the Grano de Oro or the Golden Bean, which infuses every corner of our lives in these neighborhoods and mountains.

Lively festivals are held year-round in the pueblos of Heredia province and they offer insight into local culture and traditions. We share these festivals and holidays with you our guests and invite you daily to enjoy the cuisine of Costa Rica and to discover in local markets, the ingredients that make this food so delicious. Ask about trips to visit vanilla, pepper, cacao and pineapple farms and learn to prepare the local delicacies with our chef.

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