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Mountain, Coffee and Beach Adventure



Enjoy the best of Costa Rica and experience the Cloud Forest, the Rain Forest, the volcanoes and the beaches, the famous coffee at Finca Rosa Blanca and the fresh tuna of Arenas Del Mar in our Mountain, Coffee and Beach Adventure Package. Our guests will learn the intricacies of growing coffee and have the opportunity to “cup” the black gold with the experts on our in-depth Coffee Tour. Go bird watching in our gardens and coffee plantation with our resident guide and ornithologist and discover the myriad exotic birds of the mountains of Costa Rica including mot mots and parrots. A trip to explore the local market will introduce you to the bounty of tropical fruit, vegetables and herbs and the arts and Spanish Colonial architecture of the towns of the Central Highlands. All of your meals will be lovingly prepared with fresh organic ingredients from our farm by our Chef including our famous Coffee Connosieurs Tasting Menu.

You will be transported through the mountains to the lovely beach town of Manuel Antonio where you will stay at our sister resort Arenas Del Mar which is situated on the pristine sands of the Pacific Ocean. Experience white faced monkeys, sloths and iguanas on your doorstep and explore the acres of rainforest that surrounds the hotel with the resident guide who will also lead you on an adventure down the beach to the Manuel Antonio National Park with its azure waters and jungle teeming with animal life. Dive into the cool river waters at the Hanging Bridges and Waterfalls and experience the suspension bridges which will take you into the canopy of the Rain Forest. The Chef at Arenas will prepare your meals with the bounty of the sea and his creativity with local ingredients.

The itinerary is a customized to a guest’s particular interests with other attractions such as a visit to a local spice and vanilla farm, chocolate tasting, horseback riding or river rafting on the wild tropical rivers of the area.

6 nights minimum, 8 nights recommended.

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Arenas Del Mar, Beachfront and Rainforest Resort +506 2777-2777 | USA: +1-888-240-0280

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