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Sabor: A Taste of Costa Rica



A Culinary Adventure

Sabor begins in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica at Finca Rosa Blanca, producers of some of the finest estate organic shade-grown coffee in the country. From there guests are transported to the home of Sibú Chocolate, producers of Costa Rica’s finest estate organic chocolates, also in the Central Highlands not far from Finca Rosa Blanca. We will transport you the next day to the grounds of Tirimbina in the northern plains, a not for profit research plot for the study of cacao. We wind our way through pineapple fields and stands of bamboo to tour an organic Vanilla and Pepper Farm. Your culinary adventure in Sarapiqui also features a Heart of Palm Tour; a delightful walk through the palm plantation featuring the peach palm as it grows and a chance to taste both the heart and the fruit of the palm made in the traditional way.

Your adventure winds through Heredia where you will visit the local Central Market teeming with life, exotic tropical vegetables and fruit and Costa Rican delicacies. We share with you the Costa Rican Meadery where fine meads are brewed from the delicious honey produced by their bees. Goat cheeses made with lavender and exotic spices are part of the tasting experiences at the Meadery. In the mountains surrounding the resort, there are countless dairies and cheese production including the famous Queso Palmito, a delicious mozzarella string cheese prized by Costa Ricans.

At each of these destinations, participants get the opportunity to learn from experts the story of their products, from ancient history and cultural influences, to modern cultivation and contemporary preparation techniques. Guests sample these choice products in stylish surroundings with innovative recipes designed to showcase the product’s best qualities, from the traditional to the latest trends in technique and presentation. At our famous restaurant you will sit at the Chef’s Table overlooking the kitchen for a degustation of local seasonal plates cooked in the moment by Chef Gustavo, using coffee and seasonal ingredients as the main themes for sophisticated seven course tasting menus and cooking demos.
If you are still hungry for more culinary adventures, get in touch and we can make a customized itinerary for your tastes, including rum tasting, beer pub hopping, sugar trapiches and corn mills as well as local organic farms.

4 nights, 2 person minimum

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